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Programmable Thermostat – Save with Comfort, Convenience, and Connectivity

Wish you had some extra cash for a vacation or that new furniture set you’ve been eyeing? We can help make saving money on monthly energy bills easy. Investing in a programmable thermostat can reduce your monthly energy bill by up to 20%, so you can keep that extra money in your pocket to save for whatever you choose.

Programmable thermostat from Vilandre Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing for energy savings and ideal home comfort.


Saving Money:

How exactly does a programmable thermostat save you money? It will give precise control over your heating and cooling, helping to reduce wasted energy. You will have the power to adjust the temperature every hour of every day, while home or away. For the most advantageous savings, utilize a ‘setback’ period for around 8 hours. While at work, sleeping, or both, set the temperature lower and reduce your energy bill by 10 to 20 percent. For every degree that you adjust the setting lower over an eight-hour period, expect to take one percent off your heating or cooling bill.

The Thermostat for Your Lifestyle:

As technology has advanced, so has the user-friendly interface of the programmable thermostats we offer, all with easy setup – no manual needed here – and some even offering voice activation. You have the option to preset the temperature for different times of the day, whether home, away, sleeping, or even on vacation. Many allow for weekend versus weekday settings, and some have Wi-Fi, giving you the option to change your settings from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Other options offer alerts that notify you when the air filter should be changed or if the temperature is not staying within the desired range.

Programmable thermostat from Vilandre Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing for energy savings and ideal home comfort.


Don’t Compromise Your Comfort:

Remotely control your comfort settings for optimum relaxation. As the seasons change, so will your ideal temperature for comfort. If you prefer to sleep colder and have a warm home upon waking, you can set your thermostat to do just that. No worries about the heat or cool settings when headed out on vacation, because you can change the temperature from your phone while waiting for a flight or riding in the car. These devices allow you to enjoy the full benefits of your HVAC system while saving money.

Family enjoying comfort control benefits from a programmable thermostat by Vilandre Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing.


How to Start Saving:

If you are worried about the cost of a new programmable thermostat, we have a variety of options to fit into every budget. Give us a call or contact us via our website to discuss your options with one of our HVAC specialists. Our technicians will come out, install, and take the time to make sure you fully understand all of the features and functions of your new thermostat, and we are always a phone call away if questions should arise.

Vilandre Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing HVAC specialist ensuring customer knows all features and functions of their new programmable thermostat.


Simple, Safer, Peace of Mind

Hello, and welcome back to ‘The Advantage’! This month we would like to share with you a state-of-the-art product we offer to help you feel safe and secure, both while you are home and while you are away from your residence. With the extremely advanced home automation systems available today, all it takes to make your life simpler and safer is the click of a button.

iPhone Thermostat


Introducing the most advanced system we offer: Nexia Home Intelligence, a home automation system that connects electronic home products to internet-enabled devices, so you can access them remotely using the Nexia app on your smartphone, tablet or computer. With an automated home you can greatly reduce energy costs by doing things like dimming lights and changing the temperature when you’re away. You can also use the app to unlock the door remotely for family or guests, and to sense activity in or around your home from anywhere so you feel more protected and secure.

Nexia Home Intelligence is today’s leading home automation system, and it’s setting the industry standard by offering superior technology and allowing you to proficiently run your home from anywhere. Designed to fit your lifestyle, the Nexia mobile app provides you with the ability to manage your home via any device using Z-Wave technology . Z-Wave is a next-generation wireless technology that allows most electronic devices in your home to communicate via low-power radio waves that travel through walls, floors, and cabinets. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can check in on your home from anywhere at any time, or receive alerts about the activities in your home that you preset ahead of time.



Control your home wherever you are, whenever you want. Nexia Home Intelligence allows you to create a smarter home using connected technology so you can:

  • Set your lights and thermostat to adjust upon your return for a warm, well-lit welcome home.
  • Give the impression that someone’s home while you’re away for an extended trip by setting your system to close the blinds in the evening and reopen them in the morning, or turn the lights on and back off around your usual sleep time.
  • Receive a text or email alert when someone unlocks the door or when the set comfort temperature in your home is out of range.
  • Prevent potentially costly damage. If Nexia detects a leak, it both sends you an alert immediately and turns off the water valve to prevent further damage.
  • Parents and pet lovers receive peace of mind and well-deserved relief with the ability to check in remotely via cameras, receive alerts when the kids get home from school or if no motion has been detected in the house, and easily let help in case of an emergency.
  • Customize access codes for guests or pet-sitters that come in and out for added security.
  • Lock doors or close the garage with the Nexia app.
  • Expand your system any time you want by adding compatible components like cameras, locks, lighting and small appliance controls, thermostats, and sensors.

To learn more about the Nexia Home Intelligence options that fit your lifestyle, visit with us today and we would be happy to customize a system based upon your individual needs and budget. This system can support more than 200 devices at the same time, meaning your system is flexible and grows with your home as your life and technology change over time. For more information about Nexia and home automation, contact us on our website or call 701.775.4675.